Domain Name Consultation

With our knowledge of the web, we can help you in deciding and registering an appropriate URL for your website. Depending on your online goals and aspirations, we can even register multiple URLs that automatically forward to your website. A good example of this is Sagebrush Seasonings, a small online business we set up to sell seasonings and memorabilia online.

Despite only having one type of seasoning(Ricks Rub) for sale at its inception, we created the primary website at to give the business room to grow. We also reserved* and forwarded it to the main site so that we wouldn’t be in danger of losing any customers who may not associate Sagebrush Seasonings with Rick’s Rub. It was also important to recognize that Rick’s Rub was created and used at the Sagebrush BBQ in New Meadows, ID which had its own Website until it went out of business in 2009. To help connect the past customer base with the new online seasonings site, we purchased too and presently have it forwarding to the main site.

Dot-o-Mator is a free service that creates domain name suggestions for those having a hard time being creative.
Click here some tips by Dot-o-Mator for determining the name of your future web site.

*It should be noted that was later sold in 2010 to an outside party.