Building a website isn’t just about creating a homepage with information about you.

In fact, there is much more to Web Design. Whether you want a website for your business, club or personal blog… To do it right you need to think about what URL will serve you best, who’s going to see your site and how are they going to find it? (Shady Creek Billboard In The Woods – Shady Creek Design, IdahoDesign can help with a Domain Name Consultation) Building a website is like building a billboard in the middle of the forest; you still need to create a road for view access (Shady Creek Design can help with Search Engine Optimization and Online Advertising) Also, it is very important that when people see your site they associate it with you or your business. With the right set of Graphics & Logos you can help your viewers to make the connection between your product (whether it be tangible goods or just good information) and your various marketing efforts.

A good website needs to be stored somewhere accessible, somewhere with very little downtime and a very quick load time. Shady Creek Design can help you pick the right hosting for your needs (Just ask for a Web Host Consultation). If you have a business and have made the decision to go online, then an Online Store might be just what you need. If you know you need to be online, but you just don’t have time to maintain your site, not to worry, Shady Creek Design has reasonable rates and can quickly handle all of your Website WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!